By Tim Riley

A television series about international spies that is fun and light-hearted brings back memories about “Get Smart” and the British show “The Avengers” starring Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee. That appears to be the vibe the ABC network is going for with “Whiskey Cavalier,” starring Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan, respectively acting as FBI agent Will Chase and CIA operative Frankie Trowbridge.

The good news is that agents, cut from different cloth, make for a great mismatched pair with clashing agendas, even though both are tasked with the same mission of tracking down a terrorist suspect in the first episode. Will Chase’s agent is humiliated by his recent breakup with fiancée Gigi (Valerie Huber).  He’s so despondent over the split that fellow agents are mocking him for his weepy emotional vulnerability.

On the other hand, Frankie Trowbridge is an aggressive, hard-nosed field agent who proves to be anything but sympathetic to Will’s romantic plight.  She’s all about the mission, and yet he tears up when spotting a loving couple in the middle of a marriage proposal. “Whiskey Cavalier” has the advantage of taking place in scenic locales throughout Europe.  Their target is the wisecracking Edgar Standish (Tyler James Williams), an NSA agent with compromising government secrets who might have gone rogue or has been double-crossed by a superior.

Whatever the case may be, there’s ample intrigue with Will and Frankie initially not trusting each other.  In the early going, she places him in handcuffs before Will turns the tables.  Soon enough, they tentatively form a working bond for self-preservation. True to the tropes of any spy thriller, plenty of gunplay, betrayals, and car chases underline the action to a satisfying degree.  Throughout it, all, witty banter and comedic elements make for a whole lot of fun. “Whiskey Cavalier,” a strange title, is actually the code name for Agent Chase.  Trowbridge goes by the handle of “Fiery Tribune.”  No matter, as cohorts they are delightfully entertaining to watch.

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