Our Mission Statement

The mission of Los Angeles Film & Music (LAFM) is to inform our readers about developments in the entertainment world, from television programs and new film releases to rock concerts and the music scene. LAFM has been in existence since 1992, reporting on all things connected to Hollywood.

Our film and TV critic Tim Riley and music maven William Derham have served the loyal readers of LAFM for well over two decades, having created hundreds upon hundreds of special stories and reviews. LAFM is expanding its commitment to quality entertainment reporting with new writers to supplement the efforts of the existing staff.

The readership of LAFM is global, ranging from the home base of the United States to countries in Europe such as France, Great Britain, and Poland, with added readers in far-flung corners of the globe, from China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Colombia. The mission of LAFM is to continue to expand our readership base throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as people around the world are eager to read about the entertainment business.

LAFM has a passion and burning desire to continue to improve and enlarge our endeavors to report on Hollywood and all facets of the entertainment industry. LAFM brings the world closer to the power of music, film, and television to entertain us. To get closer to the action, default to www.lafm.com as your choice for news and reviews. Founder Rick A Contreras 1994