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Now marking its 4th year, Wendy Dio and her “Stand Up & Shout Foundation” concert event raised money and awareness for cancer research. Eddie Trunk from VH1’s “That Metal Show” and KLOS radio personality Mellisa Maxx hosted for a glorious day of mirth and music. Bikers and rockers united to lend their support paying respect to one of metal’s most revered vocalists; Ronnie James Dio. This year’s lineup included performances by Steven Adler’s All-Star Band, Dio’s Disciples, Beasto Blanco, One More From The Road (Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute), Classless Act, and Railgun.
 We were excited to catch the young guns of buzz-band Classless Act whose drummer, London Hudson is offspring to guitar god Slash. Their high energy set included a smokin’ cover of the R.J Dio led Black Sabbath classic “Mob Rules.” Lead guitarist Nico Tsangaris showed remarkable prowess and feel for a lad who still hasn’t celebrated his 16th birthday. Keep an eye on these fledgling upstarts!
Next up, Beasto Blanco also featured rock royalty lineage with singer/dancer Calico Cooper making a spectacle of herself with her animated, theatrical stage antics just like dear ’ dad, Alice Cooper. Among their original tunes was a dynamically demented version of pop’s “Feed My Frankenstein.” Dio’s Disciples featuring Ronnie’s backup band; guitarist Craig Goldy, drummer Simon Wright, Scott Warren on keyboards, bassist Bjorn Englen, and Tim (Ripper) Owens on vocals took the stage and did Ronnie proud with a slew of his classic hits. “Man on the Silver Mountain”, “Rainbow in the Dark”, “Long Live Rock n Roll”, “Holy Diver”, “Heaven and Hell”, and “Mob Rules” got the crowd lathered up for headliner Steven Adler.
Adler’s All-Star Band wrapped up the day with a gang of familiar Guns and Roses tunes. This incarnation of Adler’s All Stars consisted of Marten Andersson (Lizzy Borden, Steelheart), Ira Black (I Am Morbid, Metal Church, Lizzy Borden), Robert Crane (Black Star Riders), Mike Dupke (Dee Snider, W.A.S.P.), David “Rock” Feinstein (Elf), Constantine Maroulis (American Idol, Rock of Ages), Tanya O’ Callahan (Dee Snider), Carl Restivo (Tom Morello’s Nightwatchman, Street Sweeper Social Club, Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party, Rihanna), Joe Retta (Dio Disciples, Heaven & Earth), Joey Scott (Lizzy Borden), Patrick Stone (Budderside), Michael Thomas (Faster Pussycat), and Ricky Warwick (Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy, The Almighty).  
A silent auction was conducted at one of the exhibit booths throughout the afternoon, while live auctions, featuring one-of-a-kind rock collectibles took place in between sets with the help of That Metal Show host and current host of a daily show on Sirius XM’s Volume channel 106 Eddie Trunk.
Trunk, who has had a major presence at many of the Stand-Up and Shout Cancer Fund events offered his perspective; “It’s great to see the fans coming out. It’s great to see the support for it and I think really what this serves beyond the charitable thing and the money for the fund which of course is incredibly important, but I think above and beyond that what this does is it brings Ronnie’s fans together, the community together and a lot of people here were good friends or fans of Ronnie’s and it’s just a great thing to keep his memory alive. It really serves a lot of purposes.”
This quote from shock rocker Alice Cooper succinctly sums up Dio’s massive appeal: “Ronnie is a metal icon synonymous with power and hope. Bikers, rockers, and survivors all over the world gravitate towards his music. One of the many ways his legacy lives on is through his wife Wendy and her involvement in cancer research. We will always support Wendy, Ronnie James Dio, and his charity.” 
There are promising new diagnostic techniques on the horizon to screen for various types of cancer using only saliva. Dr. David Wong from UCLA’s Molecular Biology Institute gratefully accepted a check for $25,000 that was presented by Wendy Dio that will speed that technology into becoming reality.


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